You have received this email because you are an AKC Breeder.  This email has been sent to you from the American Kennel Club.       Remember to share with your new puppy owners why it is important to register their puppies.    Their $20 registration fee helps the AKC and its affiliates do more for dogs everywhere.    KENNEL INSPECTIONS:  The AKC inspect thousands of kennels every year to ensure the safety and welfare of dogs.    HEALTH RESEARCH:  The AKC and the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation donate $20 million to Fund sound scientific research to prevent, treat and cure canine disease.      SEARCH AND RESCUE:  The AKC and the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery have donated over $3 million to Canine Search & Rescue and pet-related disaster relief and preparedness efforts.    LOST DOG RECOVERY:  The AKC and the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery offer recovery services 24/7, 365 days-a-year, and have reunited over 400,000 lost dogs with their families.     The American Kennel Club, working with its affiliates, is the only not-for-profit registry devoted to the health and well-being of dogs.  We have allocated over $30 million to fund programs for the betterment of dogs everywhere.     American Kennel Club:  We're more than Champion Dogs - We're the dog's champion.

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